Sunday, September 18, 2011

Floyd Mayweather vs Victor Ortiz

Okay, so I know there will be millions of people will be talking about this, but since there's no hoops to discuss I thought I might as well add my 2 cents..

I personally, really wanted Victor Ortiz to pull of the upset but early into the first round it was obvious he was out of his depth. He seemed tentative from the get-go and may have been overwhelmed by Mayweather's larger than life persona. Floyd "Money" Mayweather continued this dominance for the next few rounds until, Ortiz showed a glimmer of hope. A flurry of powerful jabs and hooks from the underdog left Mayweather struggling and on the ropes, right until Ortiz pulled the worst move possible, headbutting him. This notably enraged and fired up the egotistic superstar. Ortiz apologised thoroughly for his dirty move ... too thoroughly. Ortiz went in for a second hug and apology, and as he pulls away was unsuspectingly hit by 2 powerful hooks to the face (while the referee wasn't watching), knocking him out cold.

No doubt there is going to be huge debate and discussion about the ending to this fight, but here's the way I see it. Ortiz should not have headbutted him, there was no need; he had Mayweather on the ropes after a series of powerful punches that brought him back into the match. His apologies were over the top and he seemed to be sucking up to Floyd. Also, Mayweather's "sucker punch" is extremely cold-hearted, although it was legal I feel it was equally dirty and will do no good for his negative image in the media. I can't stand the enigmatic boxer but there is no denying his credentials 42-0, he is undoubtedly one of the greatest boxers of this generation.

In the end Ortiz was truthfully no match for him, but he didn't deserve to lose that way and Mayweather shouldn't have won that way, all I can say is...

Mayweather vs Pacquiao .. ?

BTW.. If you didn't see it check out Floyd's post-match interview,  entertaining television people !

Monday, September 5, 2011

2011-2012 College Basketball

The wait is almost over. The next season of college hoops is just around the corner, and I can't wait. Last season was the first time I truly got hooked on college basketball and I fell for it deeply. The passion, intensity and heart shown in every game far surpasses the intensity level of the NBA (bar the playoffs). I have seen that many people called last season "lackluster" in many dimensions, but I was obsessed, watching every game (a mission here in New Zealand involving many late nights/early mornings) and shutting myself off from society during the NCAA tournament. If last season was lackluster I'm looking forward to seeing a "good" one, and 2011-12 holds some promise. Here's what I'm looking forward to in this coming season.

UNC Tarheels: 
I think the Tarheels have the potential to go all the way this year. With one of the more formidable front-courts in the nation; Tyler Zeller and John Henson, (both NBA lottery pics in the near future) along with the ever-improving Kendall Marshall leading the way from the point guard position and the potential superstar Harrison Barnes. We saw a glimpse of what Harrison Barnes is capable of towards the end of last season and with his loyal decision to stay at school I feel he is going to show us an even more polished offensive game than last year. There is a huge expectation for this Tarheel squad, and as one of my favourite teams I hope they can fulfill their potential.

Kentucky Wildcats:
John Calipari's star studded list of freshman continues with three of Kentucky’s four signings (Mike Gilchrist, Anthony Davis and Marquis Teague) are ranked among the top 10 players in the Class of 2011 by And the fourth signee, Kyle Wiltjer, is ranked No. 25. In particular I' m looking forward to seeing Michael Gilchrist take the court, he has been a household basketball name since the age of 15 and it will be interesting to see how his game transfers to the college level.

Austin Rivers:
Super athletic + crazy handles + court vision... This kid can BALL. Son of current Boston Celtics coach and former Atlanta Hawks point guard Doc Rivers, Austin is playing under legendary coach Mike Krzyzewski for the Blue Devils, I'm not a fan of Duke but I'll be watching them closely this season to see how Austin Rivers goes.. If he can improve his jumpshot substantially I have no doubt he will immediately be a force in the competition.

Jared Sullinger:
Sully could have been a top 5 draft pick, but instead opted to return to school for at least one more season with the Ohio State Buckeyes. My respect for this kid sky-rocketed when I heard he did not declare for the draft, in the current era of the "one-and-done" players, the fact he is staying at school is great for college basketball. Definitely a player to watch.

Jeremy Lamb:
Quintessential member of the National Champion Huskies last season as a freshman. He became one of my favourite players as he continued to improve throughout the season. Look for him to become a main component of the team's offense this year with the departure of the enigmatic Kemba Walker.

The Maui Invitational tournament kicks off on November 21st and this year a collection of power-house teams are participating, including: UCLA, Kansas, Duke, Michigan, Memphis, Tennessee and Georgetown. With the NBA lockout in effect, this will no doubt be the basketball to look forward to in the upcoming few months.